Monday, November 29, 2010 wet fun flavors 4-in-1 massage lube in watermelon blast

I was given the ability to do a review for, of their wet fun flavors 4 in 1 massage lube. The websites description:
Stay Wet longer to help make a good thing even better. Wet Fun Flavor 4-In-1 Body Glide formulas add lots of extra sensation to playtime; they gently warm up with motion, making them perfect for massage and skin to skin contact. Watermelon has a tasty, extra lickable fruity flavor which is completely harmless if ingested, so you can up the pleasure potential for both of you during oral sex. Of course, your Wet Fun Flavor can be used as a traditional sex lube as well, helping you enhance sensation and make your love session last longer. To get the most out of your 4-In-One, run the bottle under warm water to heat it even before contact. All Wet lubes are formulated according to the highest industry standards. Wet Fun Flavor is latex and condom safe, and washes off with warm soapy water. Bottle contains 1.5oz/44ml.
Condom safe
Heats on contact
Sugar free
Harmless if ingested

My thoughts:
I love anything watermelon flavor, and this water-based lube is no exception. However, my favorite thing about the wet fun flavors 4-in-1 massage lube isn't it's flavor. I love it's texture most of all. It's far from sticky, and not so runny that you feel like you waste it all by having it drip to the ground (or on your bed?). It's a perfect texture and works really well as a traditional lube. It's condom safe, by the way. I also love this lube for it's scent. It's extremely strong and smells like candy. I love how powerful the scent is. The combination of the heat that rises due to motion, and the really strong smell makes this great for use for massage. It heated up really well when used as a massage but the heat wasn't as noticeable when used during sexual play. We tried this out during oral sex as well and the flavor is great at first but seems to go away really fast. So if you are using this in hopes of avoiding unpleasent tastes then this isn't the lube for you. However, it's really great as a traditional lube or massage lube.

Buy it: This lube retails for 7.99 at

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Disclaimer - I received a free container of lube for the purposes of this review. I wasn't compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.

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