Monday, November 29, 2010 Head Job Oral Sex Lotion review

I was given the chance to review's head job oral sex lotion. This is what the website description is:
Sweeten up your next oral session with Head Job, a flavorful lotion in Sultry Strawberry. Once you've rubbed this silky, tasty lotion over your man, you'll not only have gotten him ready and eager for the main event, but sweetened the deal for yourself, too. It goes without saying that a blow job is much more enjoyable when both the giver and receiver are into it, and Head Job is just the thing to assist with the 'job'. Contains 1.5 oz. (44ml).

I am sensitive to tastes, so I'm always looking for a great oral lube and have tried a handful in the past. This lube is a bit of a thicker texture but not too thick or sticky. I think it's a good happy medium as far as the texture goes. The taste isn't quite as good as a strawberry sucker but it's definitely better than some of the flavored lubes that I have tried in the past. My favorite thing about this lube is it's strong taste. I have tried several lubes in the past that are flavored but don't cover up everything, which makes me wonder what the point of using those oral lubes is. That definitely isn't the case with this lube. Overall I really liked this lube and my boyfriend said it was nice for him as well ;)

Buy it: This lube retails for 9.99 at

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Disclaimer - I received a free tube of lube from for the purposes of this review. No other form of compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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