Tuesday, February 22, 2011

EdenFantasys Infrared Massager Review

For a couple of months I saved up my gift cards to EdenFantasys. I bought several items that I can now review seems how they are no longer a secret from my boyfriend. I'm going to start with our favorite item that I bought, which is the Infrared Massager. This has been getting almost daily use around here. Now, I know it can be used as a vibrator but it's really great as just a massager. It feels great when used on the back, legs, etc. The backside f the massager heats up as well, so I enjoy having my boyfriend give me a massage with it backwards. I was surprised at how much I disagreed with many of the reviews of this on the website. Someone said it gets too hot too quickly, but from our experiences it never gets hot, just nice and warm. and to be honest, it takes quite a while to get really warm even. It is really long, and the heads on the massager are a semi-hard plastic, but they work great for using pressure during a massage. Also, the 'neck' area of the massager is flexible so it can bend when pressure is applied, which is why I disagree with the on-site review that it's too stiff and awkward to use. I really have no complaints about this massager and think it's well worth the 34.99.

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