Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Upcoming review and giveaway (get extra entries now!)

Yay :). We have secured our first review and giveaway - and it fits great with our theme of risque topics because it's a women's lubricant. If you would like 10 extra entries into our first giveaway (or any of our other giveaways, of your choice) blog about our site anytime between right now and the time our review gets posted. As long as the post is before the giveaway is up, you'll get 10 entries to use on any giveaway of ours you want.

In your post, be sure to link to this post, and to state that we will be having reviews/giveaways of adult products and other controversial or risque topics, such as politics or social issues, etc. Most anything that you wouldn't see on the 'g' rated mommy blog, can be found here. Please do state that though so people are aware before they come to our site and see something they don't want to see, in case they find your post after we have reviews/giveaways going. Anyway, if you blog about our site then just leave the link to the post below in the comments.

Want even more entries? If you post our button on your blog before our first review/giveaway is up, you'll get an additional 10 entries to use on any giveaway you'd like. To get these entries you have to leave a comment here with a link to your blog. The button must be somewhere on your main page, too. No cheating by hiding it, haha.

Thanks ahead of time to any of you who help us get the word out. The more traffic we pull in, the easier it will be for us to get going stronger, earlier on. We have to have followers and traffic to secure reviews/giveaways. Plus, if other giveaway blogs don't know we exist they won't come to us to have us promote their giveaways. So we gotta get the word out to get started. We appreciate the help :)

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