Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This is my first post on my new blog :). This blog is going to be product reviews of basically anything and everything. I have a different review blog that I don't like posting 'adult' reviews on or reviews for controversial things such as politics, or even stuff like pads or anything to do with menstrual cycles, etc. So this blog basically is my blog for all that other 'risqué' stuff that I don't want to include on my family friendly blog. So if you follow this blog be prepared for anything and everything. I'll be posting reviews and giveaways here, while my friend from
Evoluchun's Misc is going to be helping me out, and posting adult reviews here and letting you know when her blog has giveaways that you can head over there and enter.

Also, I'm going to promote giveways of all kinds from this blog, I will probably do a daily update with all the giveaways I have had people send me to promote. So weather your giveaway is controversial, adult rated, or a baby product, kid product, etc, i'll be promoting giveaways of all kinds.

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